Household Must-have’s

People spend a lot of their time trying to figure out new gadgets they can use to Improve their homes or offices. I have personally taken my time to search the new gadgets that will improve your home or office to your satisfaction.

1) The Temperature control sheet that was introduced by NASA, it will cost you 150$ and its features include its ability to absorb heat from your body when you get warm and release it when you get, this is enabled by the tiny capsules that it contains.

2)The Phillip hue light is a remote controlled light is another new gadget which you can program when to light on and off, and also choose the color in which you want your room to light in and it runs for 200 $ or you can opt to go for the Wink hub which runs for 50$ but has only the feature that enables you to program when to light on and off.

3) Soft-closing drawers and cabinets, the Rockler’s Rollers Runners help in smooth sliding of your drawers, you should install them instead of replacing old hardware, Blumotion Compact Hinge which run for 5$ are ideal for your cabinet as they will give the opportunity to slam your doors for pleasure without hearing them.

4) Enduro Shield which goes for only 20$ is your home savor as it has the ability to seal microscopic cracks that block dirt like soap scum in your bathroom, this is made possible by the hydrophobic layer found in it.

5) The Niagara Stealth Dual Flush which costs 308$ will solve your toilet problems as it uses 0.8 gallons per flush, Stealth which is a vacuum uses air to force water into the bowl instead of using an almost full gallon of water, the vacuum enables it to take advantage and depressurize and silently empty the bowl.

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