Office Gadgets

A typical office is boring. However, there are actually a lot of ways on how you can change that and make your own job even more exciting. You simply have to incorporate these cool office gadgets:

Bacteria-killing LCD Monitor

LCD monitors have taken over CRT ones. After all, the latter are very bulky, and they do not look as sophisticated as the former. Moreover, you can find greater use with the LCD monitors, especially if you are going to get those that emit negative ions. PC Bank Korea has come up with PBM-978PS. This is an LCD monitor that releases such kinds of ions in order to kill the bacteria within your surroundings. This way, there is no reason that you would catch a cold or cough when you are in the office. It also has a wide angle for viewing, which makes it comfortable for you to look at the monitor. It relieves you of eye strain.

Desktop Bag

There are people who cannot separate themselves from their own workstations. If you are one of them, then this desktop bag is definitely the most ideal one for you. As its name suggests, it allows you to carry your desktop PC anywhere you go. It has the maximum capacity of 77 pounds and can fit medium to large towers.

Stress Balls

You may think that stress balls are not important, but they are. They are the ones who will relieve you of burnout. You can have fun throwing them to the wall or to your friends. You can squeeze them when you are already frantic or angry, so you do not end up screaming at your boss directly. Moreover, if you are not using them, they make excellent decorations on your table.

Portable Sleeping Cube

Whether you like it or not, those cups of coffee will not work sometimes. Your eyes will definitely shut off. Furthermore, when you are tired, you really cannot perform very well. Your motivation is at its lowest ebb, and your mind is somewhere else, such as in your bed.

Stealth Switch

Do you think that your colleagues are really looking on Excel sheets and Word documents? Unknown to you, they are playing their favorite Windows and online games, but here is the problem: if they are too careless, their boss will surely catch them. They will be reprimanded or worse terminated from the job.

Portable Office Workstation

At first glance, this may look like a huge block with rollers. However, the moment that you are going to unlock it, it will reveal several spaces that can accommodate two workstations. This is perfect for offices that are battling with small spaces. You can also use this for your home. You do not have to commission someone to create a home office.

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